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Hi there,

My name is Pretty Patel. Yes, that is actually my name!

I know how hard it is making a home-cooked meal –especially after a long day at work. I found myself struggling with balancing work, keeping fit and socialising with friends and family. Cooking and eating healthily soon started to feel really overwhelming.

Quinoa with cauliflower curry is the perfect home cooked meal

I’ve been a vegetarian for my entire life.  When I was young I didn’t appreciate the time and trouble my parents went through to try to create healthy, nutritious meals.

But, after I grew up and started cooking for myself I discovered just how challenging it is – especially if you want to eat healthily.

But, breaking away from the “norm” and creating healthy eating habits isn’t easy – especially when you don’t know where to start and you have little time to sit down and do the planning that’s necessary to make it work.  

Maybe you’ve tried to create your own meal plan and discovered how time consuming it is. 

Sure, you can search online for ideas of what to include in your plan, but there are thousands of recipes online and it quickly becomes overwhelming. 

And these recipes aren’t tailored to your tastes or personal needs – especially if you follow a plant-based diet or looking to eat less meat.

And who has the time to sit and look up recipes hour after hour?

And even if you do have the time, wouldn’t you rather be doing something you enjoy instead of plodding through website after website, recipe after recipe, hoping to find one that works for dinner tomorrow?  Not to mention the rest of the week!

prep for november week 3 vegetarian meal plans
Roasted butternut salad makes a great vegan lunch

Let alone finding recipes that complement each other so you don’t have to buy loads of ingredients you will only use once or end up throwing away. Yes I am talking about that half used broccoli in your fridge.

So, what can you do?

You can try my new online meal planning service, Plan V – an effortless and affordable way for you to have healthy, nutritious plant-based meals!

I created Plan V to help busy people like you because I know firsthand how hard vegetarian meal planning can be.

I’ve included everything you need to stay effortlessly healthyeven if you have a hectic life!

This isn’t another scary diet.  You won’t find any “fake” meat, processed products or obscure ingredients in any of my meal plans. 

I believe in using only fresh, natural foods and spices with lots of flavor to make wholesome, seasonal meals.

What you eat has a MASSIVE IMPACT on your body, your mind and the planet.  However, it’s getting harder and harder to incorporate healthy eating into our daily lives due to our busy schedules. 

Eating healthy requires a lot of planning – something few of us have the time to do.

This is about making smart decisions and using your time effectively.  

Meal planning is a game changer. It will save you time and money, produces less waste, reduce your stress levels and can help with weight loss.

There is always something new and exciting on the menu so you never get bored of eating the same thing.

I have found the formula to make cooking and eating quick, easy and fun.

prep for week 4 November vegetarian meal plans

All the thinking, planning and stressing about dinner is taken away so that you can enjoy delicious vegetarian meals every week.

Are you ready to let me take over dinnertime in your house? Give Plan V a try…

I am confident that you will love it!

To your health,


P.S. You might need to take up a hobby with all that space time!